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March to the Beat of Your Own Drum

"March to the beat of your own drum!"

Designing jewelry and loving what I create makes me happy and makes my jewelry special. I walk into my Beit Knesset (synagogue) here in Zichron Yaakov and there are women wearing what I designed. It's crazy and overwhelming at the same time. Actually I am always wondering if they will find out that I am a fraud or the jewelry will fall apart in front of me. Things do happen, especially when I have big sales and I unpack and there are jewelry pieces rolling around in my bag. Luckily, I am surrounded by very caring patrons and I manage to put the piece aside and continue putting the jewelry out.

I am not a fraud but I do have trends of the past that inspire my work.

Covid-19, which has to be mentioned has taken away from us the need to dress up but it has not taken away our DESIRE!!!! Jewelry is self expression! There are those who make their statement by wearing what is comfortable, classic and basic! Basic is great especially when you just want to get up and walk out the door without worrying that something doesn't match or stand out too much but gives you a smart put together look, even in sweats! Then there are those that start their day by shaking things up and walking out the door and say, "Look at me!" .

I was born in the 50's (don't tell any of my student's that) and grew up with the most classic movie stars that were ever born, in my opinion. The only ones after World War II that could really afford the jewelry then were only the rich and famous. So, that is how costume jewelry was born and made more affordable. By the 60's I was living and growing up in Los Angeles, and as we all know, "The times were a changin' ". The revolution over the establishment was happening and fashion was exploding with different styles which became a free flowing expression of the times and this of course included jewelry. This turned jewelry styles upside down. Pop colors were in, dangling geometric pendants, chains, chains and more chains and last but not least flowers. This trend continued into the 70's.

I feel my jewelry is defined by these 2 decades of change. I I have combined my designs with both the 50's, classy costume jewelry trend and the 60's, pop culture trend. Trends are always changing but that's up to you.

If you love a style then keep going with what you love!

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