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My Name is Ruthy Stark Sery!

Updated: Jul 9, 2020

My first post isn't about me, it is about us!!!!!

Today is July 9th 2020 and our world has turned totally upside down. I am not writing a political blog or how the world is in danger because of Covid-19 but I am here to remind everyone about cheering someone up, which is definitely in order. Since the outbreak in March I myself have gone through so many different emotions, healthy ones and not so healthy ones. But all through the last few months I have managed to pour my energy into my jewelry designing and rebuilding my website. This has certainly saved my sanity.

My website in the past has come in many different forms or should I say names. I began with Gifted in Israel when I was only the agent, then started adding my own line to the list very Gifted designers, then going out on my own as Lorianne Designs (my middle name) which confused everyone and now I am opening the door letting you all in to who I really am, Ruthy Stark Sery!!!! Some of you call me Ruth, Ruthy, just plain Stark and of course the last 33 years (רותי) Ruthy Sery. Not exactly the most popular way to brand a jewelry design but I am reaching out to my friends, patrons and customers in a personal manner as I always have by coming into your homes showing you my designs, giving you my personal attention and selling in a friendly way.

Back to the cheering up part...of course everyone loves receiving a gift and I am offering an option as well. My jewelry is basically one of a kind. If in stock I send out immediately and if it is a piece I need to redo, then it will take up to 5 days till I can send it out. I am always happy to have ideas thrown at me and customize to your liking. Most of you are familiar with my work so in that way when you order you know what to expect. I am online through the chat and of course available through email, phone calls and the old fashion way, in my home or yours. Wishing everyone health! Stay Safe!!!!

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